Galvanised Welded Mesh

BRC - thru fencing

Bestfence, in conjunction with BRC Mesh Reinforcing has developed the BRC-thru range of highly secure, see-through and aesthetically pleasing fencing solutions. These welded wire fence panels continue to provide maximum barrier security solutions across different industries.


The compact wire aperture on the BRC-thru 577 and the BRC-thru 530 provides a maximum security solution to properties situated within high risk areas. These fences are ideal for securing the perimeter of Industrial properties, Office parks, Shopping malls and Estates. Although the design is compact, these fences maintain their see through appearance.

  • BRC-thru 577
  • BRC-thru 530



Although the wire aperture on the BRC-thru 258 and the BRC-thru 308 is much larger than those on our high secure or economical product ranges, it certainly does not compromise on strength or reliability. These fences are designed to secure the perimeter of recreational facilities, sports fields and schools.

  • BRC-thru 308
  • BRC-thru 258



This range serves budget conscious customers with a security solution that provides maximum protection at an affordable price. The BRC-thru 254 and the BRC-thru 190 fences are ideal for commercial use on properties situated within secure holdings, internal fences for residential estates and agricultural applications. Although their wire apertures are larger than the high secure fences, they are still far trendier than the conventional fencing solutions on the market today.

  • BRC-thru 254
  • BRC-thru 190


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